We specialize in breeding the German Shepherd since 1991.

Our passion for German Shepherds has led us to devote ourselves exclusively to this breed, so we can reliably give you advise advise on everything that relates to breeding, feeding, training, health problems (e.g. dysplasia), or any other matter relating to this breed.

We've acquired German Shepherds from the best German lines.

We have worked continuously to produce German shepherds of the highest level, that, completely match the standard of the breed.

We will deliver the pups in perfect condition, that is, vaccinated, wormed and tattooed (CEPP).

Several of our German Shepherds have competed in national and international contests, with very good results, and even one of our males has become a theater actor, performing all around Europe.

Our breeding facilities are located in Corbera de Llobregat (Barcelona), although specimens can be delivered anywhere in Spain.

HISTORY Cami Ral's team is composed of Ramon Robres Ros and his wife Christina, always accompanied by her two sons Xavier and Sergi.

Ramon was only 16, when he received the gift of a German Shepherd that had been educated in the canine section of the Guardia Urbana of Barcelona. Very soon he developed a special love for dogs, and, especially for German Shepherds. This way Ramon entered the dog world and, ever since, he is devoted to enhancing the skills of these animals. For this purpose, he joined the German Shepherd club Amateur CAPAC in Castelldefels.

The first litter of German Shepherds was made in the year 1984. Each animal was trained and assigned to the canine section of the municipality of El Prat de Llobregat.

After a while Ramon formed a club with a group of friends called "Friends of the German Shepherd" within which he independently began training and educating dogs. In the same period Ramon became a member of the dog training club "Working Group Barcelona”, where he acquired knowledge of high-level training.

In 1990 Ramon and his wife, took the breeder affix name "Cami Ral", and were effectively granted to it in 1991. From then on, they officially began raising and training dogs, having appearances in several beauty and work contests. They also collaborated with laboratories BRYO CAN for five years, where Ramon had the privilege of working with the best spanish trainers while attended and taught in TRACKING and OBEDIENCE courses. Ramon has also collaborated with Civil Protection Service of the Civil Government of Getafe, in tasks of searching for victims of catastrophic events under the debris.

The breeder affix "CAMI RAL" means the place where he currently performs the selection and breeding German Shepherds and this also the place where dogs are trained on obedience and defense, while corresponds to the site where member-owners and owners can carry out the recycling of their own dogs followed and corrected by professionals who work with "Del Cami Ral.

OBJETIVE: "Del Cami Ral" does not exclusively seek economic profit at all. It is a place for breeding, sale and recreation. In "Del Cami Ral" the material and the help of professionals are available to customers, a place that engages gatherings and shared interests, a pleasant area, with a respectful and serious atmosphere. In "Del Cami Ral" exhibitions are organized and are complemented by the presence of a pet accessories shop where our customers will find all the feed and food, and all necessary items for their animals.


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