Puppies Jack Russell Available, Call to the telephone (34) 93.650.20.17

En Del Cami Ral In Del Cami Ral, we also specialize in breeding Jack Russell Terrier. We have over 8 years of breeding, and training Jack Russell Terriers. In case you are interested in any of our dogs please contact us, as from Del Cami Ral we ship our animals all over Spain.

BREVE RESUMEN HISTÓRICO: BRIEF HISTORY SUMMARY: The Jack Russell Terrier originated in England around 1800, thanks to the efforts of the Reverend John Russell. He developed a style of Fox Terriers that fitted his needs: those of a dog that could run with his Foxhounds and could also run into the earth after foxes and other prey. These included two basic varieties with similar standards, except for some differences, mainly in height and proportions. The talest, with a more square built, known as the Parson Russell Terrier and the shortest, slightly longer, that is known as the Jack Russell Terrier .

Born on June 5,2011

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