One of our specialties is the training of any breed of dog, particularly German shepherds. WE DESIGN COURSES TAILORED TO MEET ANY NEED THAT MAY ARISE:

First; and further guidance DOG TO THE OWNERS TO WORK continues.

Obediencia Obecience specialist

Obedience training is necessary so that owners can control their dog effectively in different situations and activities. In "del Cami Ral" we have over 15 years of experience in training German shepherds in obedience.

Defensa Defense training

The character and impetuosity of the German Shepherd is heavily marked and, therefore, it is important to avoid turning them into dangerous beasts, even to their owners or their families. For that reason, they must be strictly trained in obedience and protection.

Exposiciones Exhibition preparation

Dog shows in which prizes are awarded to the best specimens of each race is an exciting world for fans and especially for professional breeders. In "From Cami Ral" we will prepare and educate our client’s German Shepherd.

Agility Advanced training

Agility Training is intended for people who already have experience in education and basic training. In "Del Camí Ral" take the dog’s training to the point where the dog carries out agility activities for sheer passion, enjoying it fully.

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